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Sample Manager
If you have tons of samples lying around on your hard drive and sample management is not one of your skills, ADSR Sample Manager is a free, pretty helpful tool you should definitely check out.

The team behind ADSR Sample Manager and, one of the world’s largest boutique sounds and sample stores, know a thing or two about file overload. The development of this free plugin was focused on creating a better way to find samples and the realities of how most of us organize [or don’t] our files.

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Using the plugin is easy. Launch ADSR Sample Manager inside your DAW, point it to your folders and you’ll find all your sample files searchable and previewable in an instant. The plugin automatically tags and organizes all your samples in a flash.

I took ADSR Sample Manager for a spin and it pretty much does what it says on the tin. I tried it in Logic Pro X and I liked the no-frills interface and the intuitive workflow. Also, loops sync to the DAW tempo and supports MIDI input, so I could easily test some old vocal samples on a beat I was working on – quite handy!

The automatic tagging works but don’t expect miracles – on the aforementioned old vocal samples it couldn’t recognize any tags (I quickly added some). However, it did great on some beatmaking libraries I tested it with. The ADSR Sample Manager works also with Splice, Noiiz and Loopcloud libraries, so make sure to check it out if you are a subscriber of these awesome platforms.

Oh, have I already mentioned there’s a Random button. Remember the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button in Google? Well, this is basically the same thing. When you’re feeling low on inspiration, just press Random and maybe you’ll discover a sample that will make your day!

Hassle-Free Solution

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There’s no subscription, no signing in or signing up, you don’t have to move files anywhere and it doesn’t create new folders. What’s the catch? There’s none. I assume ADSR is happy to give us this free tool and use it as a marketing tool for their popular sample catalog. I don’t know about you, but it’s a win-win situation for me.

I’m looking forward to seeing how ADSR Sample Manager evolves. It’s great as it is, but I feel like we’ll see some updates soon.

For more information and to download ADSR Sample Manager visit the ADSR web page.

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