WATER – New Plugin Suite For Emulating Rare Vintage Gear From Acustica Audio

Water Acustica Audio

WATER is a new VST/AAX/AU suite by Acustica Audio (the makers of Nebula), carefully crafted with the goal of building a set of characterful tools that reproduce the sonic behavior of ultra-rare vintage hardware devices and include new features making it flexible and suitable for the demands of modern productions. Water embodies the spirit of revolution and the desire to experiment typical of the 1960s!

WATER suite includes three different plug-ins:

• WATER Channel-strip
• WATER EQ (Passive Germanium Equalizer standalone module)
• WATER COMP (Limiter/Compressor standalone module)

The Water EQ is created from an original passive stereo Germanium topology EQ unit dating back to 1961 and a set of ‘Homebrew’ additional hardware circuits, hand-built using original components and sampled by SoundDrops (SteDal).

The Water Limiter/Compressor is based on a 1968, discretely built, diode bridge device that delivers an overwhelming sound. With three of some of the very best transformers in the audio path, it gives a smooth, larger than life coloration that is reminiscent of classic legendary tube devices.

In both plugins, Acustica Audio developers added a series of features in order to make the plugins more versatile and powerful.

Standard and Zero Latency Versions

For each plug-in included in the Water suite there is a “Standard” version and an alternative “ZL” version which operates at zero latency, at the cost of extra processing resources. The ZL version is therefore most suitable to use when tracking.

Price and Availability
WATER commercial version: €129.00 (currently on offer for slightly more than €100!). There is also a 4-week trial version.
You can learn more and order WATER on the Acustica Audio website.

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