Sinevibes Offers 2 Free Plugins With Every Creative Collection Purchase

Sinevibes has launched a limited-time offer for its Creative Collection bundle. For 10 days until June 23rd, you can get two extra plugins completely free of charge when you purchase Creative Collection (priced at $129).

These can be any two plugins from the Sinevibes catalogue, regardless of their price. For instance, you can even pick the Alternator motion synthesizer and Fraction audio slicer, each valued at $69.

The Creative Collection bundle itself features 8 of Sinevibes’ most special small plugins sold with a generous 44% discount.

These are innovative effects with great sound design possibilities that are rarely found anywhere else:

  • Corrosion multi-algorithm distortion
  • Dipole through-zero flanger
  • Dispersion bouncing-ball delay
  • Droplet raindrop delay
  • Emission artificial reverb
  • Eternal barber-pole flanger
  • Malfunction circuit-bent filter
  • Whirl barber-pole phaser

To jump on this offer, simply make your purchase at the Sinevibes store, and then use the contact page to specify the two extra plugins to be added to your account at no cost.

For more information head on over to Sinevibes.

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