New From ROLI: Colours Of India, For NOISE and Equator

colours of india - ROLI
Curated by the Oscar-winning composer A. R. Rahman, Colours of India is a new sound pack from ROLI that features quality samples of Indian strings, percussion and wind instruments.

How Does It Work?

If you’re an Equator/Seaboard Rise user, you’ll have to login to your MyRoli web page and download Colours of India from there, for free.
Heads-up: ROLI says you should find 4 presets in Equator after downloading the pack. Well, we tried and we could only find 3: veena, bansuri flute and nadaswaram. The jaltarang doesn’t seem to be there (unless it’s supposed to have a different name). We’re waiting for an official statement from ROLI about this, stay tuned.

If you’re an iOS/Seaboard Block user, you can purchase Colours Of India in the NOISE Soundpack Store for $6.99. You’ll find the melodic instruments available in the Equator package, plus some authentic Indian drum kits just for NOISE – 10 instruments in total.

This Is How It Sounds

Here below you can listen to a preview of the new sounds, performed on BLOCKS by Carnatic artist Mahesh Raghvan:

In the next video you can discover how A.R. Rahman and students in Chennai created the pack, after picking some of the greatest Indian instruments:

Kudos to ROLI for expanding the palette of their lovely MPE controllers. That said, it would be nice to add some other quintessential instruments to the collection (harmonium and sarangi, anyone?).

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