SAMPLESLICER Mk2 – Ginkosynthese’s Real-Time Sampler Now On Kickstarter

Sampleslicer mk2

If you’re into unique Eurorack modules, there’s a new campaign on Kickstarter you should really check out (and possibly support!).
Ginkosynthese has launched a funding campaign for their new SAMPLESLICER mk2, a fun real-time monophonic sampler, including a 16 step voltage-controlled sequencer.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple, actually. The incoming sound is chopped up automatically into 16 parts by the incoming clock signal and spread out over the 16 steps in the internal sequencer.

What is new?

According to the maker, the new version features many improvements, including better components and some changes in the functionality.

– no audible noisefloor
– auto calibrating which prevents clicks
– tighter timing
– higher input gain for external audio
– an input gain potentiometer
– a button to change pitchmode on the fly
– an extra cv input for modulating the clock divider/multiplier
– better caps in the audio path
– all through hole (except of the atmel chip)

Watch this video of the previous version of SAMPLESLICER to get a better idea of what it does:

Price and Availability

The SAMPLESLICER Mk2 module will be available both as DIY kit and assembled. Backers can pledge €155 for a DIY kit or €265 for a ready-to-go module. The campaign also features also some extra options worth checking.

Estimated delivery: July 2018.

Visit this page to learn more and get your SAMPLESLICER Mk2!

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