PATCH & TWEAK – A New Book About Modular Synthesis Now On Kickstarter

PATCH & TWEAK, a new book about modular synthesis written by Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer is available on Kickstarter from today, May 1st at 16:30 (CEST). Once the Kickstarter campaign begins, there will be a limited amount of early bird offers.

Tips, tricks, and complexity
Those of you who are familiar with PUSH TURN MOVE – the authors’ previous book about electronic music instruments (featured in our Xmas Giftlist) – will know that they like to do rock solid and well-researched books, that goes deep into a subject.

In PATCH & TWEAK, they listen to, and tell the story of, approximately 30 different artists and makers who all share a special patching tip, something that helps them and could help others.

Besides technical chapters, the book also contains interviews with inspiring makers and artists.

Visit the official website to be an early bird and get the best offers. We’ll have more on this book soon, stay tuned…

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