Noiiz – New Instruments And More Sound Packs

Noiiz new instruments
Things are moving fast at Noiiz. Last month they have released their first virtual instrument, the Grand Marimbra and the new Noiiz Player plugin (a streamlined sample player). The Grand Marimba is now in good company since Noiiz has recently released other instruments, such as Handpan (a free Hang, anyone?), Celesta, Toy Percussion, Leeds Town Hall Organ and the latest Steel Pans.

All these instruments are beautifully sampled, and yet not too demanding in terms of file size (unlike some modern sample libraries). Check them out if you are a Noiiz member!

Also, the Noiiz Originals team have also been busy with Sound Textures – an indispensable collection of forensically recorded textural sounds to add depth to your music.

Sound Textures features textural and static foley recordings for shaping your music with familiar and not so familiar sonic textures. The sounds lend themselves perfectly to layering with lush harmonic content, adding high-frequency depth to a mix or bringing in-the-box sounds to life.

If you’re not a member yet, we totally recommend Noiiz. Their subscription rates are really reasonable, especially given the amount and the quality of content available. You can subscribe here.

Last but not least, if you’re a fan of some of the fantastic instruments mentioned above, such as the Hang or steel tongue drums, check our recent RAV Vast review – it might be right up your alley!

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