New Joranalogue Modules At Superbooth

Joranalogue new modules

Last year we introduced Joranalogue, the brainchild of Joran van Gremberghe, a young Belgian engineer offering Eurorack modules with a twist.

Joranalogue just got in touch with to announce their new modules for 2018:

Filter 8 – Multimode Filter/8-Phase Oscillator
Representing the cutting edge in modular analogue VCF design, Filter 8 offers more possibilities and higher fidelity in 12 HP than ever before.

Starting from the classic ‘OTA-style’ 4-pole cascaded lowpass (LP) topology, Filter 8 features separate LP outputs, each with their own character. Four additional filter responses are achieved by pole mixing.

Select 2 – Dual Gated Precision Control Voltage Processor
A ‘Swiss Army knife’ for your modular system, Select 2 provides two highly accurate gate-controlled voltage processors in 6 HP. These allow you to create, switch, mute, hold, invert, attenuate, offset, add/mix and subtract voltages, from slow CVs (control voltages) up to audio frequencies.

Each processor’s signal path consists of a gate-driven input selector, stable sample-and-hold circuit and a unique gated polariser/attenuverter. With the A output socket unused, the signal is mixed together with the B output. This enables signal offsetting, CV mixing, pitch transposing etc.

Link 2 – Precision Buffered Multiples
Link 2 is a buffered multiples module. This avoids many of the problems with passive multiples: signal cuts when patching cables, loading effects when driving many inputs etc. The use of buffered multiples is especially important when processing accurate pitch control voltages (CVs).

Add 2 – Precision Adder/Averager
Add 2 provides a compact signal addition/mixing solution, precisely summing the input signals down to one or two outputs. Alternatively, each section can be configured as an averager using the jumpers on the rear. This way, LFO waveforms or audio sources can be combined while maintaining the average signal level.

We’ll meet Joran these days at Superbooth, stay tuned for further Joranalogue news…

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