Medusa, The Monster Synth-Meets-Controller At Superbooth [VIDEO]

Medusa synth
Medusa, the synth-meets-expressive controller created by Polyend and Dreadbox, was one of the most intriguing instruments we’ve seen at Superbooth this year.

Both companies are at the top of their games (see also our Polyend Poly review) and with Medusa they might hit it out of the park – finally, a tool that brings something new to the market in this ocean of clones and emulations!

As explained in the video below, the prototype shown at Superbooth lacked some of the features planned for the final release. That said, what we saw was extremely promising and we’re definitely hooked.

We’ll have more about Medusa as the story unfolds. In the meantime, better start saving and no worries… gazing upon this synth won’t turn you to stone!

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