Heavyocity Rhythmic Textures – Chamber Music Inspiration For Your Scores

If you dig quality sample libraries with a twist, the guys from Heavyocity Media have something new for you. Rhythmic Textures is a new chamber strings virtual instrument, and the second installment in their NOVO Packs line.

With over 12 GB of unique, rhythmic elements played in intimate string ensembles, Rhythmic Textures delivers 16 complex articulations for violin, viola, and cello.

From cellos layering sul pont tremolos over swells, to violin staccatos played over col legno tapping, Rhythmic Textures contains over 220 snapshots worth of playable performances, production-ready to add movement and emotion to your next score.

And by working with acclaimed Film Score Mixer Satoshi Mark Noguchi (Lion, Lone Survivor, Oblivion) to capture over 2,000 pristine samples, Heavyocity have achieved an unprecedented level of richness and clarity in this lush virtual instrument.

Heavyocity once again returned to the historic confines of Reservoir Studios in NYC for Rhythmic Textures, capturing world-class players, performing in three and four-person violin, viola, and cello ensembles.

There’s a subtle and certain magic that occurs when the right mics and the right preamps, in the right room, capture bow meeting string in just the right way, and returning to Reservoir has enabled Heavyocity to record that magic.

Feel like you’re in the room with each key depressed, with every stroke of the bow, as Rhythmic Textures serves as the inspirational center of your next cinematic score.

And while a collection of meticulously-recorded samples is great, what sets Heavyocity’s virtual instruments apart are the serious sound-shaping capabilities of their engines.

The award-winning NOVO engine is no exception. Armed with the pristine organic content from Rhythmic Textures, the ability to create synthetic-style strings and deeply-unique rhythmic pulses is right at your fingertips.

Heavyocity – Rhythmic Textures – Content Overview:

From the awesome modulating power of the instrument’s central MACRO CONTROL to the granular sample playback possibilities of CYCLE, the NOVO engine puts a cutting-edge arsenal of sound-design tools directly into the composer’s hands.

As a “powered-by-Kontakt” instrument, Rhythmic Textures offers all playback and sound-shaping functionality through the full version of Kontakt or the free Kontakt 5 Player.

NOVO Packs offer a diverse array of independent orchestral expansion libraries housed in Heavyocity’s critically-acclaimed NOVO: Modern Strings engine. Use of these packs will not require the purchase of NOVO.

Pricing & Availability:
Rhythmic Textures is available for a limited time offer of $119 (Reg. Price $149), or get it FREE​ with the purchase of NOVO: Modern Strings. Offers end May 8, 2018.

Visit Heavyocity for more information or to make a purchase.

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