Euroshield From 1010music – A Eurorack Interface For Teensy Arduino

Expanding upon their innovative product line, 1010music LLC has released euroshield – the eurorack music and audio interface for Teensy Arduino.

If you’re not exactly a nerd, you might wonder ‘What the f**k is Teensy?’. Well, Teensy is a microcontroller development board used for building all sorts of awesome DIY electronic projects, including musical ones.

By the way, this exciting new product can be seen at Superbooth in stand E253.

Euroshield lets you generate or process audio and controller information your way, using the best of open source software and ready made Arduino hardware.

New euroshield gets you started building your own instrument or processor with a selection of sample code that showcases real world music and audio applications.

Euroshield audio and MIDI connectivity lets you integrate easily with other eurorack modules (including those by 1010music) to add unique sonic DIY flavors to your eurorack system.


  • Stereo audio input & output using the Eurorack -5V to +5V standard plus DC coupling allows control voltage connections.
  • MIDI input & output via TRS connectors.
  • Innovative design combines PCB with the front panel for lower cost & enhanced module accessibility.
  • Additional controls enable users to create a fully functioning product:
  • 10 demo Sketches including sample code for filtering, reverb, & VCO.

System Requirements:

  • Teensy Development Board version 3.0 up to 3.6 sold by PJRC & other sources. Version 3.2 is recommended.
  • PC or Mac for running the development tools & programming the Teensy module.
  • Arduino development tools – open source provided by the Arduino foundation.
  • Teensyduino development tools – open source provided by PJRC adds teensy specific functionality & a highly capable audio library.
  • Eurorack compatible case with power & 8HP available.

Pricing & Availability:
New euroshield units will be available in June. For more information, please visit the euroshield product page.

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