Elastic Drums Update plus… A Summer Sale!

Elastic Drums released another update (V 2.1.9), that brings many small improvements and bugfixes to enhance the general workflow.

Here is the complete list:

  • Improvement: Sync Mode gets shown next/below the bpm value
  • Improvement: Audiobus host icon gets shown to quickly switch in Audiobus sessions
  • Improvement: Audiobus state saving is better reflecting loaded presets
  • Improvement: Step on/off switching in velocity mode worked bad on iPhone version
  • Bugfix: Mute button did not unmute step 1 in time in song mode
  • Bugfix: Jam – trig – buttons did not work correctly when using Midi Controllers for value changes
  • Bugfix: Sometimes wrong tempo values got showed in Ableton Link sessions
  • Bugfix: Added Interruption handler for an iOS 11 incidence, that could cause ED to quit after some minutes in InterApp-Audio sessions (noisy buzz sound error)

Summer in Berlin has already started like never before in May (Hello climate change?).
And mobile devices are … you know … mobile!

Which means they are perfect candidates to take them with you and to create some music outside.

To celebrate summer and to give people the possibility to buy Elastic Drums and maybe an extra beer, Elastic Drums gets a 30% price reduction (EUR 9.99 -> EUR 6.99, $8.99 ->$5.99) for 1 week.

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