Snazzy FX Bring Back Their Psychedelic Cult Pedals (With The Help Of Erica Synths)

Snazzy FX, the brainchild of Dan Snazelle, is a cult NY-based company, specialized in psychedelic Eurorack modules and pedals.

They recently partnered with Erica Synths (see our recent interview with them!), to re-release some of their iconic pedals.

Here below you can find the first pics (and price info) of these beauties. These pedals will be available starting from April 25 and they will be on demo at Superbooth 2018.

Wow and Flutter

wow and flutter

Wow and Flutter is a crazy tape-inspired pedal, ideal for guitar players and experimental producers. It can sound like a broken tape machine, but it can also be an incredibly inspiring musical device. You know, with a tool like this (Lucy in) the sky’s the limit!

Wow and Flutter costs 300 EUR + vat + shipping. Info here.

The Mini-ark

Mini Ark

This is a guitar synth and tracking pedal, done the Snazzy FX way (which means it’s not just there to add an octave up or down – expect some alien sounds!)

Mini-Ark costs 350 EUR + vat + shipping. Info here.

Tracer City

Tracer City

They call this one an analog modulation pedal. It’s a versatile box, ideal for various kinds of sound experiments. You can use it to mangle loops, spice up synth sounds, guitar parts, and everything in between.

Tracer City costs 390 EUR + vat + shipping. Info here.

We’ll have more on Snazzy FX soon, stay tuned!

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