Oeksound Spiff – New Adaptive Transient Processor

Oeksound is proud to announce the release of their second plug-in: spiff. Oeksound spiff is a new adaptive transient processor that is based on the renowned technology behind the company’s first plugin, Soothe, bringing you the definite way to process transients.

Oeksound takes control over transients
Those who have used Oeksound Soothe to tackle resonances will be familiar with the approach spiff has to transients. Spiff analyses the incoming signal and applies the processing only where and when needed. As a result, Spiff will only process the parts that contain the transient information, keeping the rest of the signal intact. spiff is fast enough to catch the material that does not qualify as a resonance to soothe, making them perfect companions when mixing.

Solves problems quickly
Spiff is extremely useful on clicky noises and irritating thumps that occur in recorded material. A normal scenario would be attenuating or removing mouth noises and consonants that have become too loud due to increased top end and compression of a vocal. This saves the engineer from having to treat these issues manually, essentially saving time and resources for artistic decisions.

It can also be applied to remove the thump from a strummed acoustic guitar without affecting the sustain. One of the biggest features of Spiff is its boost mode, allowing the user to add punch or presence to a sound, without increasing the RMS. This mode can be used to increase the perceived articulation in vocals, bring percussive elements forward, or even enhance whole mixes.

Designed to set-and-forget
Oeksound has designed the interface for a fast and intuitive user experience. Controlling transients over a specific band is easy and approachable. The user can set up what bands Spiff will work over and adjust the amount and speed of the processing using the flexible set of parameters available. Spiff is level independent and will continue to process the transients predictably while the audio material changes, without the need of the user to manually readjust the settings with every change in the source material.

Pricing & Availability:
Spiff is now available for macOS 10.7 and up, in VST, VST3, AU and 64-bit AAX formats, and for Windows 7 and up, as VST2, VST3 and 64-bit AAX.

Get it for an introductory price of 99€ (reg 149€) until the end of April (30/04/2018).

A 20-day trial of the full version is also available. After you’ve downloaded it, open the plugin in your daw, click on Try and follow the steps to activate the trial.

An iLok account is required. Usb-key (“dongle”) is optional. Online access is required for the initial activation of the product and trial. One licence allows activation of the product on 2 machines. Licences are valid for both Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

For more information, please visit the oeksound website.

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