Noiiz Player and A Stunning New Instrument From Noiiz!

Today is an exciting day over at Noizz, as they’ve just released their first virtual instrument and the new Noiiz Player plugin!

The ‘Grand Marimba’
The Grand Marimba is a stunning new instrument for the Noiiz Player, bringing the beautiful Concert Grand Marimba to your fingertips.

Noiiz’s Grand Marimba features 1000 individually recorded, authentic, samples. Thats a-lot of Marimba! The organic Velocity layers make arrangements feel natural to the ear and the Noiiz Payer’s built in FX create the ability to manipulate and change the Marimbas sound for your composition.

Create lively, upbeat, tropical melodies, layer with deep bass sounds for an acoustic overtone, or play realistic classical music for cinematic compositions.

‘Grand Marimba’ – Virtual Sampler Instrument For Music Producers & Composers

For more information or to download the Grand Marimba, visit the dedicated product page.

Unlimited Instruments
There are many more instruments to come on Noiiz. As a member, you’ll get access as part of your membership – the amount you can download will depend on your plan, but there’s no extra charge on top. Unlimited members can download as much as they like!

unlimited instruments

Music starts with sound, so Noiiz is planning to create a huge collection of sounds and instruments that are right there whenever you need them, no matter what you are working on. This is the beginning of an epic journey, so you can expect to see a lot more coming soon.

The Noiiz Player
The Noiiz Player is a brand new plugin that lets you load, play and manipulate your instruments. Developed from the ground up to provide a super fast workflow, rock solid stability and pristine, crystal clear sound.

As the Noiiz instruments library grows, so will the Noiiz Player, so expect to see more exciting new features, new browsing workflows and perfect integration with the rest of Noiiz ecosystem, including Noiiz DNA technology.

Get more information, and download the free Noiiz Player now!

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