Fire Strings – A Cinematic Hybrid Tension Instrument For Creative Sound Design

Fire Strings is a collaboration between Paris Sampling (see our previous Paris Sampling review) and Alliance Divergent Audio Group, Fire Strings is the ultimate cinematic hybrid tension instrument featuring a collection of tonal, aleatoric and rhythmic content performed by electric violin and guitar captured via high end analogue gear (Neve, API, Universal Audio, Manley, etc) put through sound design processes and housed in a bespoke hybrid interface.

The library content is broken down into three main categories:

Tonal – This section of the library contains electric violin sustains and textures both of a traditional and extended nature. We dug very deep to push well beyond common technique.

Here you’ll find everything from standard sustains and tremolos to the extremely jarring spectral
scrubs, harmonics, trills, wild microtonal bends and vibrato.

Risers – Risers offers a collection of long, tension building glissandos played with a variety of bowing and fingering techniques, perfect for developing climaxes.

Rhythmic – The rhythmic content consists of dozens of tonal, tempo-synced electric guitar
grooves that serve as the perfect starting point for a cue. All grooves are mapped across several octaves and are freely transposable.

Fire Strings Launch Video

Each sequencer has advanced controls which allow you to change the speed, number of steps, direction, offset, fade-in, nudge and loop individually per sequencer. Each sequencer also has copy/paste functions, randomisation and built-in presets. Fire Strings is an incredibly advanced instrument for Kontakt. Combine two sound sources and rhythmically swap between each sound or create rich evolving soundscapes with
gradual modulation. There are also presets per sequencer so you can quickly select pre-built tools to add rhythm and variation instantly.

The 11 effects per sound can be controlled randomly or in positive or negative directions at the press of a button. The amount of control here is unprecedented and opens up a vast world of sound design capabilities.
An additional 8 global send and insert effects allow for even further sound manipulating possibilities.


  • 128 Snapshots
  • Custom GUI
  • 11 FX Sequencers Per Sound
  • 60 Custom Impulse Responses
  • Requires Kontakt 5.7 Full Retail Version (Not compatible with free Kontakt player)
  • 800 + Samples
  • 6 GB

Pricing & Availability:
Fire Strings is available now for a $69 Intro Price ($99 from May 5th).

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