ACL System 1 – New Stereo Modular System

ACL (Audiophile Circuits League) is a young Berlin-based company, specialized in quality (and somehow vintage-looking) Eurorack modules and accessories.

The company just announced its System 1 Stereo Synth, a powerful modular system with a great selection of modules, including an audio interface and a PSU.

Included Modules

2 x Variable Sync VCO

1 x Dual State variable VCF

1 x Gate Mix

1 x VC Panning Amplifier

1 x Oktave

1 x Envelope x 3

1 x VC Dual Delay

1 x M/S- Matrix

1 x Audio Interface

1 x 2 Row 84 TE Case incl.1 x KAZU PSU

Price and Availability

The first version of the ACL System 1 will be available later this year for approx. 3600 EUR plus vat. Keep an eye on the ACL website for further info.

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