Yamaha TNR Users Can Now Share And Collaborate On Allihoopa

At ANR we’re big fans of the good old Tenori-On, the unique instrument launched by Yahama in 2008 in collaboration with the visual artist Toshio Iwai (and later transformed into two iOS apps, TNR-i and TNR-e).

Speaking of these apps, Yamaha has partnered with social network Allihoopa, empowering users of the Yamaha TNR mobile music-making apps to share their work and collaborate online.

The two iOS apps make up the mobile version of the Yamaha TENORI-ON, the groundbreaking electronic musical instrument. These apps allow intuitive music creation via a simple, user-friendly interface, without the need for specialized training.

The Allihoopa partnership allows musicians to collaborate with the world using a mobile device. TNR-iOS users create music using the original TNR-i and its electronic-music counterpart, TNR-e. Once they have a finished piece, they can “Drop” it and share directly with the Allihoopa community. From there, others can “Pick Up” the track, add recording elements of their choosing and “Drop” it back to Allihoopa for further collaboration.

If you’re not a TNR user yet, you can find TNR-i or TNR-e on the App Store.

For more information about Allihoopa, please visit the website.

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