Soundtoys Launches Spring Sale!

Soundtoys launched their Spring Sale, which offers extreme savings on their most popular plug-ins at only $49 each, including pro favorites EchoBoy, Decapitator, Crystallizer and Little AlterBoy.

The sale also offers a $100 discount on the Soundtoys 5 bundle and a 20% discount on the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle for students and educators.

Soundtoys Spring Sale Prices:
EchoBoy $199 $49
Decapitator $199 $49
Crystallizer $149 $49
FilterFreak $149 $49
Devil-Loc Deluxe $129 $49
MicroShift $129 $49
Little AlterBoy $99 $49
Little Plate $99 $49
Sie-Q $99 $49
Soundtoys 5 $499 $399
Soundtoys 5 Academic $249 $199
50% Off Upgrades

Music creators who own ANY Soundtoys plug-in – even if it was free – are eligible for a special upgrade price to get the Soundtoys 5 bundle PLUS an additional 50% off during the Spring Sale ($50-$219).

Soundtoys 5 includes all 21 Soundtoys plug-ins and Effect Rack, a custom multi-effect chain builder with global controls which can be treated as a single, powerful plug-in. Log-in for upgrade pricing.

Sale ends April 5, 2018.
Visit Soundtoys for more information.

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