SCW Editor – Create Single Cycle Waveforms In Your Browser!

SCW Editor
Single cycle waveforms are one of the secret (ok kinda secret!) weapons of synth sound-design. You might be familiar with them if you’ve used wavetable synths, but they can be incredibly helpful and inspiring for sampler users as well.

See for instance this nice minimal ambient demo with the Elektron Digitakt…

or how to use single cycle waveforms with a Korg Electribe Sampler…

or in a modular system (in this case via the Expert Sleepers Disting MKIII)

Welcome The SCW Editor

There’s no shortage of single cycle waveforms on the internet, but how about a free, powerful editor that runs right in your browser (Chrome only for now)? That’s exactly what the new SCW Editor is.

Created by Sheets of Sound (a.k.a. Darwin Grosse – also working at Cycling ’74) SCW Editor is an intuitive single cycle wave form generator & editor built on a lightweight web audio platform (it works even on my Android phone!).
The level of possibilities within the editor is quite complex, with two sections. Main & Mix-In, and an array of controls.

As you can see in the introductory video below, among other things you can randomize the waveform, render out your sample to your hard drive and head off to your favorite DAW or Hardware.
While the idea of a single cycle waveform editor in a browser is not new, we think such extra unique features make the SCW Editor definitely bookmark-worthy.

You can find the SCW Editor here.

Last but not least, Sheets of Sound is also offering a free synth mini-book with four basic synth patches (perfect if you’re just starting with a modular system!), just sign up on their website to get it.

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