Klevgränd GrandFinale For iOS – A Quick Tool To Finalize a Track, Bus or Mix

There’s no shortage of ‘audio finalizers’ for desktop computers, but what if you need a reliable option for your iOS device? Grand Finale has been around as a AU/VST/AAX plugin for desktop computers since a couple of months. Now Klevgränd releases it for iOS (iPhone and iPad) as a stand alone app where audio can be imported, processed and exported.

Grand Finale is a multi-effect audio processor designed for finalizing complete mixes, stems, buses and/ or individual audio tracks.

The app offers several modules in a pre-routed configuration. Each module has parameters to alter, and most modules offer a set of algorithms to select.
These features come together to make Grand Finale a powerful tool for quickly finalizing a track, bus or mix.

Pricing & Availability:
App Store Price: USD $15.99 (50% off intro sale, now USD $7.99)

For more information, visit the dedicated product page.

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