Elektron Transfer 1.1 – Backup Your Digitakt and Analog Rytm Samples (At Last!)

Elektron Transfer 1.1Good news for Analog Rytm mkII and Digitakt users. Elektron has released an update for their Transfer application, featuring (among other things) bi-directional sample transfers (yay!).

Transfer is an application for Mac OS X and Windows that simplifies the transfer of audio sample files between your computer and your Transfer-compatible Elektron device (currently Digitakt and Analog Rytm MKII, support for MKI is coming soon) or between two Transfer compatible Elektron devices.

What’s New

  • Added Explore page, where device file system can be browsed side-by-side with the computer file
    system in a two-column layout.
  • Bi-directional sample transfers now supported, meaning sample files can be transferred also from
  • device to computer (for backup purposes).
  • Device files and folders can now be renamed and deleted from Transfer. Deletion of non-empty
    folders is also supported.
  • Transfer can now be connected to multiple devices simultaneously, for device-to-device transfers
    (using the Explore page).
  • Transfers are faster.
  • UI polished for improved clarity and usability.

Download the new Transfer version from here. To celebrate the release, Elektron is also offering a 50% discount on four Sound Packs for Digitakt and Analog Rytm: Total Tabla15232315Vintage Drum Machines18, and Legowelt Studio20.

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