Deluge 1.4.0 Software Update

Good news from the lovely folks at Synthstrom Audible: Deluge, their powerful all-in-one synth/sampler/sequencer just got a new software update, 1.4.0 with relevant new features.

Deluge 1.4.0 software update

  • Note probability / Iteration dependence
  • Copy / paste
  • Copying and pasting parameter automation.
  • Soloing tracks
  • Sending multiple MIDI tracks to same output MIDI channel
  • File browser scrolls long filenames left and right so you can read them, and now orders files alphabetically
  • “Undo” now works in song view for note recording and parameters / automation

Deluge – 1.4.0 Firmware Update

Watch this video to learn more about the update

Also, in case you’re heading to Berlin for Superbooth, be sure to find the Deluge team and say hi!

For more information, visit the Deluge product page.

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