Otto’s DIY – A New Ecosystem For Eurorack Enthusiasts And Module Makers

Otto's DIY Indiegogo
If you’re into DIY modular stuff, Hungary-based Intech Studio have recently launched an indiegogo campaign for Otto’s DIY.

What Is Otto’d DIY?

Otto’s DIY is a prototyping environment for eurorack enthusiasts and module makers. It’s great for novice and expert builders also. Otto’s DIY Ecosystem consists of eurorack compatible prototyping printed circuit boards (PCBs), carefully chosen electrical components and mechanical parts.

The design allows you to build sandwich style skiff friendly modules, while the included set of hardware makes your build just as durable as any other factory-made module.

In the company’s words, “Otto’s DIY is more than a hardware project, our goal is to build a synthesizer do-it-yourself community. Sharing knowledge and experience about DIY builds and techniques is an important part of Otto’s DIY.”

Price and Availability

Early bird supporters can get the Otto’s DIY kits starting from as low as $20 (for the Core Kit), up to $129 (for the Gold Pack). The products should be available in April 2018.

In short, fun stuff at reasonable prices! Visit the indiegogo campaign to read more and get your Otto’s DIY kit.

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