Sonic Joy Awards 2017 – Our Best Of The Year

BEST iOS APPS – 2017

Beatmaker 3

‘No matter what genre of music you make there is a good chance you will find something useful in Beatmaker 3’s extensive feature set. It can definitely act as your main hub for recording, arranging and mixing your music if that is what you want it to do.’  BM3 is now probably the closest thing to an Ableton Live style workflow clip/scene launching that you are likely to find on iOS.

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Intua Beatmaker 3 Review – A Whole New App In Its Own Right

FM Player

This free app is not an emulation but a sample player which allows you to play the actual sound and digital character of the DX7 and its instantly recognizable presets. Matthew Fecher from AudioKit has painstakingly multi-sampled an actual DX7 II from the famous Electric Lady Studios in NYC and it sounds great.

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Free FM Player Brings The Original DX7 Sounds To The iOS Crowd


Basically a trip through the history of synths! IK Multimedia Syntronik offers the largest collection of classic synthesizers in a virtual instrument for iOS devices. The price for the full version in our opinion is pretty fair, especially if you consider the price of similar plugins for desktop computers.

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Syntronik 1.1 For iPhone and iPad Adds Audio Units Compatibility

Replicant 2

In 2017 Audio Damage worked hard to bring many of their classic plugins on iOS. We picked Replicant 2 because we’ve always been great fans of the original desktop version, and it was about time that someone made an easy-to-use glitchy, stuttering effect for iOS musicians.

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Audio Damage Replicant 2 Lands On iOS


Ripplemaker is a well designed ‘West-Coast flavoured’ modular app that could easily act as a gateway drug to more complex modular apps like AnalogKit and Audulus3 (or actual hardware semi-modular synthesizers like the 0-Coast . Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Ripplemaker Review – A “West Coast Flavored” Modular Playground for iOS

Elastic Drums 2

A major update for one of the classic iOS apps. Still going strong after all these years (and now with cool features like Live export, IAP sample kits, etc.), Elastic Drums is a joy to use for anyone into classic or experimental electronic music.

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Elastic Drums 2.0 – The Age Of Maturity


Now at version 2.7, Quantiloop is a live looper for iPad that reproduces the experience of hardware loopers. The app is constantly updated, and the most recent releases introduced some great new features (Quantiloop can now run stand-alone without the need for any other software, among other things). Trust us, once you get Quantiloop (and a compatible controller), you might start thinking about selling your good old loopers.

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Quantiloop For iPad 2.5 – Big Update With More Routing Options


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