Sonic Joy Awards 2017 – Our Best Of The Year


Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings

Spitfire Audio has really stepped up the Mural libraries by combining them into one library and really mastering the GUI within the limits of Kontakt. FYI: Make sure you have disk space, this thing is as huge as it sounds!

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Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings Review – A Glorious String Library

Best Service Ethno World 6

Ethno World 6 is a library of instruments and voices from every corner of the planet. In terms of instruments and vocal sample variety, this library has no competition. It’s obvious that a lot of love and time has gone into the development of this library!

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Ethno World 6 Complete Review – Exotic instrument And Voices From Every Corner Of The Planet

Splice Sounds

Splice is (among other things) a stellar subscription-based sound platform that keeps getting better, always adding more quality content, artist packs, etc. For all those who use loops, sample packs and presets, Splice is literally a no-brainer.

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Splice Adds Sample Magic Sound Packs To Its Catalog – One More Reason To Subscribe!

Resomonics Reflection

Along with established companies and developers, we also like to highlight newer/smaller firms, like Resomonics. It’s a boutique sample library company, created by Steve Foxon, an experienced British composer and sound designer.
Reflection is Resomonics debut sample library for Kontakt and is designed to be an inspiring sound source and tool for composing soundtracks and trailers. Recently updated with extra inspiring features, Reflection is a hidden gem, definitely worth your attention.

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Resomonics Reflection – Inspiring Tool For Soundtracks And Trailers

Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions

In his review, our collaborator wrote: “I’ve used it on three commercials over the last week and several clients have remarked on how much they love the sounds and the Hollywood feel”. Do we need to say more?

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Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions Review – Instant ‘Hollywood Feel’ For Your Productions

Soniccouture ElectroAcoustic

‘It’s safe to say that ElectroAcoustic has become my goto vintage drum machine library. The standard drum machine sounds are so well sampled that there’s no need to turn anywhere else in my book. But then beyond that are so many sound design opportunities…’

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Soniccouture Electroacoustic Review – Vintage Drum Machines With A Twist

String Audio LIGHTless

If you have Omnisphere 2, this library is a must-have. True to its name, LIGHTless excels at providing those dark brooding soundscapes required for film, games and TV.

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LIGHTless Review – Dark Brooding Soundscapes For Omnisphere 2 From String Audio

Gothic Instruments Complete Bundle

‘The Gothic Instruments Complete BUNDLE is an essential tool in any serious trailer or TV music composers’ arsenal, and a great addition for anyone looking for fresh sound design ideas. Last but not least, the bundle’s price is really attractive!’

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Gothic Instruments Complete Bundle Review – Unique And Quick To Use Sound Design Tools For Cinematic & Trailer Music

Goldbaby Tape Drum Machine Collection

It’s impossible to go wrong with this one. Goldbaby is back with a revised tape drum machine collection (55 instruments and plenty of cool sonic treatments).  If you’ve followed his releases over the years you’ll already know what to expect. If you haven’t, just get this pack, you won’t regret it.

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Tape Drum Machine Collection – Goldbaby Revisits The Classics


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