Sonic Joy Awards 2017 – Our Best Of The Year


Arturia V Collection 6

We’re still working on our review, but we can already say that this new version has won us over. Arturia added some more fantastic emulations to their virtual collection (Buchla Easel, Yamaha DX7, Fairlight CMI) and those alone are worth the price of admission.  A must-have for all those into classic synths.

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Arturia V Collection 6 – Buchla Easel, DX7 And More Classics

Korg Gadget

Finally, desktop computer users can now enjoy Korg’s powerful (and fun to use) music production software. Gadget is so good that it might make you forget about your DAW for a good while. FYI: the software recently got a major update, with three new instruments! Three more reasons to jump onboard…

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KORG Gadget – Major Update for Mac and iOS With 3 New Gadgets

Audio Damage Axon 2

The Audio Damage team was pretty busy this year with plenty of major updates (and iOS releases). Axon 2 is a quirky drum synth driven by a modified artificial neural network as a sequencer, featuring seven FM-based percussion voices, that are really a single 18-operator FM voice. And yes, it sounds as cool as it looks.

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Audio Damage Axon 2 – The Neural Network-Driven FM Drum Synth & Sequencer Is Back!

Output Analog Strings

‘The sound is very contemporary, that dark 80’s paddy vibe is all over this library. I don’t want to limit it to that. It’s like the bio-engineering of strings!’

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Output Analog Strings Review


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