Sonic Joy Awards 2017 – Our Best Of The Year



Analogue Solutions Fusebox

A bold, three-VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) analogue monophonic synthesizer that takes the classic Analog Solutions sound to the next level. It’s definitely going to be a great conversation piece in your studio or after your live performances!

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Analogue Solutions Is Taking Preorders For Fusebox, New Three VCO Fully Analog Synth

Novation Peak

Peak is a versatile eight-voice desktop polyphonic synthesiser, with three New Oxford Oscillators for each voice and a convenient form factor. It sounds great and it also has an interesting price point, considering all you get.

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Novation Peak – New Polyphonic Synthesiser

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2

An improved version of the Prophet 08 – a five octave, knob-per-function gem. If you’re into the classic Dave Smith sound, this is a great instrument that will provide years of fun!

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DSI REV2 – Polyphonic, Analog And Yet Accessible

Dreadbox Abyss

2017 a.k.a the return of poly analog synthesizers! We couldn’t help but include the Dreadbox Abyss among our picks. Over the years, the Greek boutique company has developed an inspiring line of unique, somewhat vintage-sounding instruments and tools. Abyss is a 4 voice analog synthesizer with 4 playing modes and cool sounding effects (including the ‘dirty’ delay already seen on the Erebus). Not as affordable as some mass-produced competitors, but the Abyss is definitely worth your attention if you’re looking for a polyphonic analog synth with plenty of mojo.

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Dreadbox Abyss Poly Analog Synth – Official Price And New Pics


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