Sonic Joy Awards 2017 – Our Best Of The Year


Newfangled Audio Elevate

Created by Eventide’s senior developer, Elevate is an advanced mastering plugin that uses intelligent, adaptive technology that responds in real time to your music.

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Here’s Elevate From Newfangled Audio – Your New Favorite Mastering Plug-in?

Train Your Ears

TrainYourEars 2.0 is a simple application that teaches you to listen for EQ adjustments in sound, to help you zero in on your frequencies as you’re mixing. Highly recommended for both beginner and more experienced audio engineers. It’s easy to use, but much more flexible than other training software we’ve used.

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Improve Your Mixing Skills With TrainYourEars 2.0 – Our Review

Dialog Audio Modulation Processor MP3244

For those sound designers who want to integrate a DAW with their hardware synths, the Dialog Audio MP3244 is a godsend. Perfected further still with the recent introduction of V2.0, Dialog Audio takes an advanced concept — already a plug-in quite unlike any other in existence — and makes it even better, thanks to a whole host of new core features.

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Dialog Audio MP3244 2.0 Update – The Sync and Modulation Plug-in Goes Advanced


FuzzMeasure is an acoustic measurement tool which proved to be more useful than we anticipated. “It had a dramatic effect on my room acoustics after only a few hours of work.” If you’re getting issues with your mixes, this is where you could start.

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FuzzMeasure Review – Measuring Your Room Acoustics (With Plenty Of Graphs)

Izotope Ozone 8/Neutron 2

iZotope’s newest releases harness the power of advanced technologies such as machine learning, respectively for mastering and mixing purposes. And now they even ‘talk’ to each other, thanks to an innovative plug-in.
FYI: Ozone and Neutron are pretty deep. If you would like to learn how the make the most out of them, we recommend the latest ProducerTech Ozone 8 /Neutron 2 online courses. They’re currently on sale!

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iZotope Ozone 8 & Neutron 2 – Mixing & Mastering In The Time Of Machine Learning

iConnectivity mio10

Sound designers and electronic musicians often rely on complicated setups, involving several hardware devices. Announced in 2016, the mio10 (and its smaller siblings) from iConnectivity is exactly what the doctor ordered for all those who need a modern, solid and versatile MIDI interface. The company is currently switching from their classic iConfig software to the smarter (and less complicated) Auracle. We’ll have more about this soon, but in the meantime, we highly recommend these interfaces. MIDI’s not dead!

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iConnectivity Announces mio – The New Rolls Royce of MIDI interfaces?

Kenton Pro CV to MIDI

Kenton is well known for its problem-solving devices, and the Pro CV to MIDI doesn’t disappoint. It takes any analogue control voltage (CV) signal – pitch, pitchbend, modulation, etc – and converts it to MIDI. Pro CV to MIDI will appeal particularly to modular synth fans, but it’s compatible with any CV-equipped instrument, from your classic synth or analogue sequencer to your Theremin.

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Kenton Pro CV To MIDI Convertor


This MIDI to CV gem comes from a new, one man company. Don’t let this hold you back though! CV.OCD is more than a simple ‘plumbing’ tool and it does some pretty cool things. Plus, it comes at a very fair price for what you get. Highly recommended!

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CV.OCD – A MIDI To CV Device With A Twist


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