Remix Moby – Get The Stems On Splice

Cool news from Splice, the cloud platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing (also one of the winners of our recent 2017 Sonic Joy awards). They have partnered with Moby to release the stems for his latest single, “Like A Motherless Child”.

Whether you’re a Moby’s fan or not, we think this is a great opportunity to take a peek at an artist’s work from a vantage point. Plus, remixes are fun!

Moby has annotated the 10 stems (you can also download the Ableton project file) for us all to show how he imbued the track with “warmth and sadness,” “overlapping/competing bass parts,” and “a 1/4″ tape machine from the mid 1960’s”.

Download the project here, take a look into his creative process and have fun!

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