K-Teck Introduces “The Lads” – A Set of 5 Max for Live Virtual Analogue Sequenced Percussion Devices

The Lads - K-TeckK-Teck is a developer of Max for Live devices and Reaktor ensembles. The first release was Adlais: Additive Performance Sequencer, a live performance-oriented device with interesting features. Now they got in touch with us to announce the release of ‘The Lads‘: Virtual Analogue Sequenced Percussion – a set of 5 M4L sequenced percussion devices – “kind of analogue modelled but not emulations”.

In detail:

Kevin the kick is based on the 808/cr78 topology using a ZDF filter for the tone (the filter is designed by Surreal Machines).

Keith the kick is based on 909 topology.

Henry the HiHat is based on 808 and can do the cowbell too: http://k-teck.co.uk/henry-the-hat

Sidney the Snare is again based on 808 and does claves/rimshots too.

Thomas the tom does a passable 808 tom or high kick.

In the developer’s words “They are very low on the CPU – much lower than equivalent Reaktor ones I’ve done”.

Pricing & Availability

The Lads is available now, priced at £8 each or £25 for all 5. More information can be found at the product page.

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