Eventide PowerMAX – New Power Supply For Stompboxes In Partnership With Cioks

Eventide in partnership with Cioks, have just introduced PowerMAX, in their words “a revolution in ultra-low noise, compact and lightweight power solution for your pedalboard”.

The Eventide PowerMAX delivers an unprecedented 38.4 Watts of power capable of powering up to seven high current pedals, each switchable to 9, 12, 15 or 18V plus a USB output to power your smartphone or tablet.
PowerMAX is also expandable with the Cioks 4 to add more outlets. PowerMAX is a state-of the-art Universal power supply (85-265V) which can be used worldwide.

PowerMAX mounts easily to Pedaltrain or Templeboard pedalboards with the included screws and template. Less than half the size and weight of the PowerFactor 2, the PowerMAX is less than an inch high and adds only one pound to your pedalboard and comes with a full five-year warranty.


  • 7 isolated outlets, each offering voltages 9, 12, 15 or 18V
  • high current 660mA @ 9V on all 7 powers multiple Eventide, Strymon or other high current pedals each of a single outlet
  • USB outlet for e.g. smartphone or tablet
  • 100V, 120V or 230V mains operation
  • ultra-low noise, no mains transformer hum
  • advanced LED monitoring of each outlet
  • extremely low profile, 25mm only
  • 13 Flex cables included, 5 for Eventide pedals
  • optional CIOKS GRIP for easy mounting with Pedaltrain
  • Pedaltrain and Templeboards compatible

Price and availability

PowerMAX will be available at Eventide stompbox dealers worldwide in April of 2018 for only $199. We expect this new product to replace the PowerFactor 2.

You will be able to read more about PowerMAX soon on the Eventide website. Also, make sure not to miss our current giveaway, featuring the awesome Eventide Anthology XI bundle!

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