DARKless – New Omnisphere 2 Library From String Audio

After the success of LIGHTless (for which we wrote a review of in October – LIGHTless also scored one of our 2017 Sonic Joy awards!), STRING AUDIO releases a new amazing library for Omnisphere 2.

DARKless, with its 2.7 GB of new samples, exclusively recorded and produced for Omnisphere 2 STEAM engine, gives all the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 users a new gem full of new soundscapes, signature samples and musical cues that will help you to write and produce your new musical masterpiece.

Watch the introductory video here:


Although both libraries offer a very wide spectrum of sound possibilities, from the darkest to the most ethereal ones, DARKless is more oriented towards bright tones and a positive/emotional mood, making it the perfect companion of LIGHTless, which has sound characteristics oriented towards dark tones and a mysterious/sinister and aggressive mood.

Content Description:

  • 2.7+ GB of brand new STRING AUDIO signature samples exclusively recorded and produced for Omnisphere 2
  • 305 Soundsources
  • 346 Patches
  • 128 Multis

All Patches and Multis names contain an indication of the type of sound based on its tone and mood.

Please note that this is only an indication and you can easily edit the tone and mood of the sounds using the powerful editing functions offered by Omnisphere 2.

[white]: usually a bright tone and a positive/emotional mood

[grey]: usually a bright tone but with a mysterious/sinister mood

[black]: usually a dark tone and a gloomy/creepy/aggressive mood

Price & Availability:
DARKless is available now at a discounted intro price of 79$ (After 2 weeks – Full Price 99$)
Intro price ends soon, don’t miss out!
For more information, or to make a purchase, visit the DARKless product page.

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