The Streetly Collection & M-Tron Pro Special Offer from G-Force

Christmas comes early this week; we have two special deals for you from GForce Software:

First, from the original UK Mellotron® makers Streetly Electronics and available in a discounted bundle for the first time, the Streetly Tapes Collection for M-Tron Pro marks what we think is the pinnacle of Tron sounds, having been transferred from EMI tape stock and ready to be transplanted directly into your M-Tron Pro – with a 35% discount.

When combined with M-Tron Pro, the Streetly Tapes Collection provides an additional 3.2GB of historically important tape banks from the M300, M400, MkII & MkII Sound Effects Console.

The Streetly Tapes Collection for M-Tron Pro is available directly from the GForce webshop with a 35% discount now.

Don’t have M-Tron Pro? Do not fret! For a short time, GForce is offering this rare opportunity to purchase M-Tron Pro for 50% OFF the regular purchase price.

M-Tron Pro delivers nearly 200 Mellotron® tape-banks (sample sets) and over 700 factory patches along with a raft of easy editing controls for you to create your own unique layers, splits, reversed, halfspeed, enveloped and filtered patches.

Priced at just £58.33 (plus VAT) the offer runs for a strictly limited period of 1 week from Tuesday 12th December until Tuesday 19th December, 2017. Get your hands on it now!

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