Behringer, Glitches and Journalism – A Quick Note

If you follow music tech websites and groups, there’s a good chance that you read yesterday about Behringer’s tease of an entire series of iconic synth reissues (from Arp 2600 to Synthi, among others).

We could have easily followed the bandwagon and published something about this, but we felt something was wrong and it turns out we were right.
This morning Behringer issued a statement, claiming the whole thing was a technical glitch on their website, and that none of those products actually exist.

There’s obviously a chance that some of those ‘sketches’ might become reality in the future, but that might be true for any company’s proof of concept.
Is Behringer telling the truth? Is it just a shady marketing strategy? We don’t know and honestly, we don’t care.

While news (we should say fake news) like this can be a nice source of revenue for publishers, at ANR we believe that our job should be to give relevance and visibility to actual products and quality brands, rather than hype ‘potential’ items from the big shots in the industry.

Rant over. Time to go back to our favorite things, like making music with the tools we have. Mic drop…

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