112dB Mikron Cascade – Create Lush, Warm ‘Sound Clouds’

Ambient/Cinematic sound designers, this one is for you! 112dB announces the release of Mikron Cascade, an audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Mikron Cascade is the perfect tool to create atmospheric, ambient and drone soundscapes. It diffuses any sound input into a lively, lush, and warm ‘sound cloud’.
The fine-tuned delay models are specifically designed to create organic cinematic atmospheres.

Mikron Cascade has been originally developed as a sound effect for the Cascade synthesizer. Thanks to its complex delay network, a sound run through it can develop over time, adding extra dimensions to it.
This makes it the ideal plugin for those who are looking for a high quality ambient reverb, but one with far more complexity in it than usual.

Watch the Mikron Cascade Quick Start Tutorial here:

Mikron Cascade was inspired by the work of Austrian composer Peter Ablinger. He experimented in the late 1980’s with sound densification using 12 tape decks.
Sound was recorded and played, recorded and played, and so on, until colored static noise itself was the result.

In 1993-94 Peter Ablinger’s concept of sound densification was refined by Peter Böhm, Wolfgang Musil (ELAK, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna) and Thomas Musil (IEM, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Graz). What was intended as a sound experiment, turned out to be able to deliver surprisingly warm, ambient sounds.

This was the inspiration to create an effect based on the same principle, adapted to the requirements of the modern musician or producer.

Key features:

  • Can densify any signal up to 5832 times, and turn a succession of sounds into colored noise the carefully designed delay network will add a pleasant complexity to the sound over time
  • 6 different delay network models (fine-tuned and adapted to hearing)
  • Freeze shortcut to build up ambient sound spheres easily
  • Tone function to zoom in on certain frequencies
  • Spin function for a subtle pitch modulation that adds movement to the delays
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface

Pricing & Availability:
Mikron Cascade is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) for the price of $39. An introductory price of $29 is valid until January 15th, 2018.

Mikron Cascade is sold exclusively from the 112dB online store.
More information and demo tracks can also be found on the Mikron Cascade product page.

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