SWAN – A New Audio File Transfer Service For Audio Professionals

SWAN is a new web-based audio service for audio professionals.

SWAN generates a web-based player from audio files sent from person to person via the internet. Think of it as simple point-to-point file delivery with an automatic player created for your clients, and you control the download state of the files as well.

Audio files are automatically coded for instant hi-res streaming, playable on any device like desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone with a familiar workflow and no additional software required.

SWAN offers options to configure the player for Download Only, Download & Play or Play Only.

SWAN is available from today, even though there are no additional details on the website yet (registration is free, while the fee structure is not clear yet, we’ll update this post as more info become available). You only have to register if you’re sending files. No registration required for receiving them.
The service allows a total file size of 2 GigaBytes per transfer, which is stored for 7 days.

We’ve done a quick test of the service, registering an account and sending a .wav audio file. Here you can see some screenshots from the process.

This is the send file window, pretty self-explanatory like the rest of the interface:

This what the recipient will get via email once the file has been uploaded:

This is the actual player window:

This is the feedback email that the sender will receive once the recipient has downloaded the file:

Everything worked smoothly in our quick test and we’re looking forward to hearing more about SWAN, in particular about their fee structure.
Visit SWAN to register for free.

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