Senode, A New Graphical Step Sequencer For iPad

SENODE is a new music composition app for iPad, created by a musician, Sebastian Arnold, who has been using this sequencer as prototype for almost three years now in his live shows.

It extends the concept of linear step sequencers to a freely connectable graph with an unlimited number of instruments traveling along the edges.

The simple “finite state machine” model allows you to create complex polyphonic sequences and play them in real-time!

Key features:

  • graphical step sequencer with multi-touch interface
  • unlimited polyphonic steps and directions
  • integrated synthesizer
  • step record function from MIDI in
  • control external synths via MIDI out
  • comes with example patches that you can instantly play

There will be more updates coming soon: MIDI bindings (especially for drummers), clock synchronization (for DAW users) and more iOS-related integration.

Download SENODE now from the App Store!

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