Introducing Exponential Audio Advanced Surround Reverbs With 3D Option

Exponential Audio, the company behind plug-ins such as NIMBUS, R4 and PhoenixVerb, announce two brand new next-dimension surround reverb plug-ins called Stratus and Symphony.

The new reverbs address both an opportunity and a challenge – the ability to be more creative than ever before with post sound now offering new surround formats and yet the ongoing debate about intelligibility. Stratus and Symphony address both of these things.

Features at a glance:

  • Channel counts up to 7.1 in the basic version. Up to Atmos, 22.2 and other formats with the 3D option. 3D is described later on this page.
  • Expanded EQ, building on the popular NIMBUS and R4 architectures. Symphony even allows the user to modulate EQ in real time, using a pair of built-in oscillators.
  • Dense and powerful early reflection control — twice as dense as PhoenixVerbSurround and R2Surround. There’s a unique reflection pattern from every input to every output. Users need not worry about compatible fold-down.
  • Every single reverb channel is decorrelated, meaning no color changes when a mix comes down to stereo or mono channel widths.
  • Dynamic control with tail-suppression (expanded from NIMBUS/R4).
  • Warp, to add even more timbral and dynamic control.
  • More stem options. Not only can a user have mono-in/surround out, but they can easily generate a surround reverb from LCR input. This is one of many examples of how this can be used.
  • Optional tempo control of pre-delay and reverb delay.
  • CPU Efficiency: There are no reverbs on the market that give so much power yet with so little demand on the CPU. Stratus and Symphony carry that efficiency forward, even shutting off unused channels if no audio is present. No other plugin manages to give you back so much of your CPU.
  • Easy to use.
  • Over 1500 presets.
  • Quick zoom feature allows you to double the size of the GUI.

3D Option
For those working in immersive audio, whether Atmos, Auro, DTS-X, Imax, NHK 22.2 (or something else), then both Stratus and Symphony offer a 3D option.

This option gives the user licenses for the base versions and also the 3D version of the plug-ins.

Here are some of the extra features – all in a single instantiation of the plugin.

  • All features of the base version.
  • Atmos Bed (7.0.2 or 7.1.2 ) in Pro Tools 12 and Nuendo 7.1/8.
  • Special extensions to extend the Atmos Bed to add 4 additional height channels (Pro Tools 12 only).
  • Special extensions to extend other surround formats (5.1, 7.1, etc) to add 4 or 6 additional height channels (Pro Tools 11 or 12).
  • Auro 3D (9.1, 11.1, 13.1) and NHK 22.2 in Nuendo.
  • Session compatibility with base version. Session created with the base version can upgrade and the old session will still work, allowing the user to add height channels to existing work.

Note: Immersive audio is currently supported only in Pro Tools (AAX) and Nuendo 7.1/8 (VST3). Other workstation support is being investigated for possible future releases.

You can watch a quick intro video here:

Pricing & Availability:
On sale late November 2017, price TBA.

For more information, please visit the Stratus and Symphony product page.

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