The First Smart Acoustic Guitar Is On Indiegogo

HyVibe Audio, a sound technology company that uses vibration technology to create the purest possible sound from any object, announces the world’s first smart acoustic guitar.

The HyVibe Guitar uses this proprietary vibration technology and a wireless Bluetooth connection to become its own connected speaker, multi-effect processor, recorder, and amplifier, without all the cables, amps, or pedals.

What is a Smart Acoustic Guitar?
The HyVibe Guitar begins with a solid AA spruce top for the best natural vibrations and custom-built specs for the ultimate in playability.

HyVibe then introduces their proprietary algorithms and multiple actuators to transform the natural vibrations of the guitar from the top plate, by the bridge where the instrument performs best to add high quality effects.

Digital recording and looping features are included for convenient songwriting, performing, and practice.

Finally, wireless Bluetooth technology is embedded as well as an Android and iOS App, connecting the guitar, and its player to the world.

Pricing & Availability:

The HyVibe Guitar is available now for pre-order on Indiegogo, starting from $549 for early bird supporters.

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