DIY Modular Synthesis – Watch An Introduction With Look Mum No Computer

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Last year we covered the basics of DYI Modular Synthesis with our To Wiggle or Not To Wiggle story, and we’re always looking for inspiring material on this subject.

Back in September, Point Blank hosted a fantastic live set from Look Mum No Computer. It was so impressive they asked him to come back and give an introduction to DIY modular synthesis. He’s so infectiously enthusiastic that we defy you to watch this and not be more than a little intrigued.

In the video below, the man also known as Sam Battle gives a short lesson in the history of synthesisers, before diving into his homemade set-up. Homemade oscillators, filters, envelope generators and analogue drums are demonstrated, while he teaches what effect things like resonance, waveform shape and voltage have on the sounds that can be made. We also learn that you shouldn’t put an eight-volt current through your tongue.

After making an entire track on the fly, LMNC finishes up by talking through how he built everything, and how the unit being used will set you back a lot less than you might imagine.

For more demonstrations, live sets and masterclasses, check out Point Blank’s YouTube channel.

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