Copperphone Special Deal – 15% OFF For ANR Readers

We are big fans of unique recording tools and we have partnered with Placid Audio to offer you a special deal on their classic Copperphone.

What’s the Copperphone? In short, we would call it our favorite lo-fi microphone (see our Copperphone review if you want to read our thoughts).

In layman’s terms you’d say: the Copperphone is a moving-coil dynamic mic with a cardioid pattern and a 200Hz to 3kHz frequency response. The tuned chamber is attached to a brilliant mounting bracket made from aircraft aluminum, which also allows for horizontal positioning.

How does it sound?
The peculiar shape of the Copperphone causes a mechanical filtering effect and a resonant chamber, that create a limited bandwidth sound, think AM radio or telephone filtering and you won’t be far from it. To me, it’s a familiar, pleasing sound, never harsh. It might remind you of your favorite vintage albums…

In short, we would call it our favorite lo-fi mic

Ok, I’m Sold, Tell Me About The Deal
For a limited time (less than 10 days, act fast!) you can save approx. $40 on the Copperphone, with this coupon kindly offered by Placid Audio (check their other brilliant mics as well!).

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