BeatMaker 3.0.5 – New Features And Improved Workflow

! This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

BeatMaker, one of our favorite iOS apps (see our BeatMaker 3 review) just reached version 3.0.5.

The update brings relevant new features and workflow improvements, and it’s highly recommended for all BeatMaker users.

Main New Features

  • Support of iOS 11 drag ‘n’ drop
  • Support of BeatMaker 2 Projects
  • Added a PLUGINS tab in the browser
  • Added Pre/Post Fader Sends option in the Mixer
  • Better handling of Midi Events in the pattern editor
  • Temporary focus in pattern editor (long press without moving will zoom momentarily)
  • Added copy & paste for midi events
  • Max undo / redo history is now 64 steps
  • Added a sharing dialog after exports
  • Added a quicksave function

The 3.0.5 update also brings many bug fixes. You can read more on the Intua’s website, or you can just get the app and try for yourself.

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