Software Protection Gets Smarter? PACE Introduces iLok Cloud

Good news for all those among us that have to use a dongle for their plugins: PACE Anti-Piracy just announced the imminent launch of iLok Cloud.

With iLok Cloud, software publishers that use PACE’s licensing system will have a third option to offer their users, in addition to the previously available iLok USB smart key and machine-based licenses.

How Does It Work?

Upon launching iLok Cloud protected software, the users will be prompted to provide their username and password.
That’s it, the iLok protected software is now ready for use, without any dongles or having to use a specific authorized computer.

It’s easy, iLok Cloud protected software can be used anywhere, and iLok Cloud takes the risk of lost or damaged iLok USB smart keys and computers out of the equation.


iLok Cloud will be available to software publishers as an option when updating their products in early November. Software protected with iLok Cloud should be available to end users in early 2018.

For more information, please visit the PACE website.

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