Say Goodbye To Clouds And Read Why Mutable Instruments Discontinued This Popular Eurorack Module

Today Mutable Instruments announced that Clouds, one the most popular Eurorack modules of the past few years, is no longer in production.

Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Its developer, Oliver Gillet, had already expressed his frustration towards Clouds (and multi-function modules) on several occasions.

Speaking of Peaks (another recently discontinued module) he stated “I think this kind of design made a lot of sense 3 years ago when digital modules were still the exception, and it was tolerable to have to remember which-pot-does-what-in-which-mode for one or two modules per rack. But having to do that now for every second module in a rack seems too much of a burden for me.”

Today, speaking of Clouds, Olivier analyzed its problematic development and the unexpected success in a thoughtful Facebook post (worth reading even if you are not a Eurorack user!).

We’re looking forward to seeing the next Mutable Instrument product(s), supposedly out in February 2018. In an industry where hype and clones are often our only daily bread, it’s refreshing to see a company like Mutable Instruments make such unpopular and yet ‘pure’ decisions.

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