Hermod, New Eurorack Sequencer From Squarp Instruments – Full Details, Price And Pre-Order

UPDATE: as of today, Dec 29 2017, Hermod is available for pre-order, shipping at the end of February. Scroll down to see the first videos, to read more and to pre-order.

We introduced Hermod a few weeks ago, when Squarp Instruments (makers of the ANR-awarded Pyramid desktop sequencer) teased a picture of this new Eurorack module.
Today we can give you all the relevant official details, including price and shipping date.

“The main idea behind Hermod was to create a complete, affordable and compact sequencer, with an easy workflow facilitating the song composition process and live performance for the modular world”

What Is Hermod?

Hermod is a new Eurorack module, a “modular brain” which brings together a powerful step sequencer, a CV looper, a real-time effect processor, LFO generators and a complete bi-directional MIDI-USB-CV input/output interface.

What You Can Do With Hermod

Hermod, like the Pyramid, is a pretty hands-on device (albeit in a more compact form). You can easily record a performance thanks to the CV inputs, the USB HOST, the USB DEVICE and the MIDI input.

Then you can create and edit your tracks with the STEP mode and its piano roll and automation view, plus generate crazy patterns with the randomization tool.

Polymetric and Polyphonic

Hermod is polymetric, it means that each track can have a different length, from 1 step to 64 steps (256 quarter notes). Moreover, you can zoom in to increase the resolution of the step sequencer.

Thanks to Hermod architecture, a track can be a simple mono CV/GATE voice, but can be easily configured as a polyphonic track (up to 8 voices), a CV/GATE + velocity + aftertouch track, a modulation + clock track… in order to perfectly fit your eurorack system!


A project in Hermod hosts 8 sequences, each one made of 8 tracks, for a total of 64 tracks in a single project.
Every sequence is totally independent and contains a new set of tracks to be played with.

The number of projects is unlimited and the save/load can be done in a flash, allowing you to jump from one song to the next in your live performance.

Here is a series of videos from Squarp, illustrating features and workflow of the module.

Fun Effects

The effects are a big part of the fun you can have on the Pyramid, and Hermod follows a similar approach, allowing you to transform input signals, whether it’s MIDI or CV.

You can stack on each track up to 8 real-time effects: Quantize, Swing, Arpeggiator, Glide, Harmonizer, Delay, Chance, Scale, LFO… Experiment with the effects position and parameters to generate eccentric melodies!

Every effect parameters can be edited in the EFFECTS mode, or with CC messages & CV inputs, thanks to the modMatrix.

Full Connectivity

You can control Hermod with MIDI USB devices, MIDI keyboards, computers or other eurorack CV systems.

Hermod is also a great midi hub, allowing you to sequence midi synthesizers/drum machines and computer’s virtual instruments. Of course, Hermod can be perfectly paired with Pyramid or other hardware and software sequencer, in order to benefit from its CV/GATE outputs.

With Hermod’s rock-solid clock, this module becomes a great synchronization tool, for all your setup!

Price and Availability

Hermod is now available for pre-order. Price: $450 / 380€ (VAT excluded). Reserve yours on the official web page.

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