Deluge Gets Its First Big Software Update With SD Card Streaming And More

We’re very pleased today to help Synthstrom Audio announce the release of their first official software update for their Deluge (a powerful synth+sampler+sequencer machine – see our previous Deluge-related coverage).

Version 1.2.0 introduces several exciting new features:

SD streaming
All samples are now streamed from the SD card, instead of being completely loaded into RAM first. You don’t have to do anything differently – you’ll now just never run out of RAM or have to wait for whole samples to load. Polyphony and other features are unaffected.

That is, recording the output of the Deluge right back onto the SD card. Options are provided for recording exactly for the duration of a loop, and for beginning recording exactly as a sound (e.g. an existing sample) begins.

Live audio input
Use the input as an “oscillator” source, and treat it like a synth in every other way. Live pitch shifting responds to the notes played on the instrument.

Monosynth and legato modes

Random arpeggiator mode
In addition to the existing “Up”, “Down” and “Both” modes.

Loopop have made a great video showcasing the new features, watch below:

Download new firmware here.

For installation instructions, check the manual under: Hardware connections > SD card slot.

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