Announcing Noiiz DNA – Finding The Sounds You Want Just Got Easier

We’re excited to help Noiiz announce the release of Noiiz DNA, a new technology the company has been working on for the last two years in their effort to create a more musical and intuitive way to explore sound.

Today they introduced two brand new features powered by Noiiz DNA, with more planned soon.

1) Find Similar Sound

When you click a sound to play it on Noiiz, you’ll now see a ‘Show Similar’ icon. Click it and you’ll be shown a list of every sound on Noiiz, ordered by how similar they are to the original sound. Explore sound by simply listening and clicking until you find the one you are looking for and its also great for finding sounds that go with one another.

How it works
Using the Noiiz DNA technology, they’ve analysed the acoustic properties of the audio and turned it into a rich dataset that acts like a kind of acoustic fingerprint.

With this data, they can then calculate how similar other sounds are in the Noiiz database. One of the key strengths of this method is that they don’t rely on human meta data, but instead use machine learning and low level Digital Signal Processing to compute their feature set, which has the unexpected effect of producing much more musically interesting results.

Future applications
The team at Noiiz is already working on extensions to this technology and exploring ways to find sounds that work together musically, as well as the ability to input your own sounds.

Imagine being able to record sounds through your phone and instantly generate huge lists of similar and complimentary sounds from Noiiz.

2)Feature Filters

Now you can sort and filter by brightness and duration. ‘Feature Filters’ are a powerful set of tools for exploring sound, based on Noiiz DNA.

Got a snare sound in your head? Filter by one-shots, then snare, then use the Brightness sort option to organise your results, brightest first.

Narrow your range using the Brightness filter to find exactly what you are looking for. 👌🏿 Need a really short hi-hat? Filter by hi-hat, then use the duration sort option to sort your sounds from shortest to longest.

How it works
Low-level metadata has been generated for the sounds on Noiiz, which are then used to calculate more high level musical features. Once this information has been extracted and stored in the Noizz database, they can use this to create the filter and sort options above.

Future applications
More ‘Feature Filters’ will be released and constantly the team at Noiiz are experimenting to find out what you find useful, with an overall goal to make exploring sound more intuitive and musical.

Price and Availability
Nooiz is available for $99/year (if the offer has expired, you’ll find it at $199/year). As a member, you get a huge library of royalty-free loops, samples & presets valued over $10,000, truly unlimited downloads plus a groundbreaking cloud-connected plugin. What’s more, you can keep what you download, even if you cancel.

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