Samplebot – Remix and Create With The New Playful iOS Sampler From The Developer of Loopy

Samplebot is a playful new sampler app for iPhone and iPad from A Tasty Pixel (otherwise known as Michael Tyson), the developer of award-winning apps Loopy and Audiobus – see also our interview with Michael Tyson.

Samplebot, launching today, uses a grid of large colored pads to represent audio clips which can be recorded live or imported from elsewhere to create remixes of other material. Clips can then be played back with a touch, or recorded and layered with other sounds using the app’s sequencer. Sequence looping allows users to build up songs quickly and easily.

“I’ve always loved finding ways to make music fun and immediate, to encourage creativity without having to wrestle with complex tools,” said A Tasty Pixel director and developer Michael Tyson.

Samplebot was featured earlier this month in an Instagram post from The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, with a playful cover of Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”.

Samplebot can be found on the App Store at the special 50% off launch price of $US2.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. The app requires an iPhone 5s or newer, iPad Air or newer, or iPod Touch 6th Generation; running iOS 10 or newer.

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