ROLI Has A New Softer Lightpad M Block Plus Some Great Software News!

ROLI just announced the new Lightpad M (now available on for $199, £189, €219), a new softer, deeper surface topped with undulating “microkeywaves.”

Its higher-definition LEDs and sharper color contrast make the surface much brighter. These enhancements create an even more tactile and precise playing experience. The Lightpad M easily connects with the original Lightpad Block, so you can use them both together as an integrated BLOCKS instrument.

See the Lightpad M in action here:

That’s NOT all, folks…

The company is also announcing a slew of software upgrades for both models of Lightpad Block. You can now access:

– NOISE 3.0, which has major updates to clip launching, clip editing, and navigation — as well as two new incredibly realistic acoustic instrumental soundpacks available to purchase.
– NOISE plug-in for GarageBand: create tracks in the GarageBand app with your favorite NOISE sounds.
– Ableton Live Lite: transform your Lightpad Block into a control surface for launching clips and creating tracks within the Ableton Live DAW. Coming soon!
– Strobe2 Player: a desktop sound player version of the acclaimed synth from FXpansion, it includes 50 presets and 3 macros. Download it now from MyROLI.
Tracktion Waveform: a cutting-edge DAW from Tracktion that’s perfectly customized for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controllers like the Lightpad Block. Download it now from MyROLI.

Learn more about the Lightpad M here.

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